Some Wedding DJs have different skill sets, and some of them are only good for playing songs off a playlist that you provide them. Of course, there are other Gold Coast wedding DJs that may be able to bring extra equipment for more versatile entertainment options, or who are known for the charismatic way that they can command a crowd and find the right song to play at the perfect moment.

A wedding DJ Gold Coast can be an incredible and entertaining MC to help keep your wedding as fun and as exciting as possible. You can absolutely hire a Wedding DJ to be your MC, but you should have a conversation about specifics and expectations before doing so.

Saving Money

One of the most obvious reasons why it’s a great idea to hire a wedding DJ Gold Coast as a professional MC is because it will save you money! MCs do cost some extra money, and it might not be a good idea to have an inexperienced friend or family member MC your wedding.

Why not go with an all-in-one wedding DJ Gold Coast option? It’s a great way to save some cash for an already expensive occasion!

More Low-Key

It can be strange to have an MC demanding attention throughout a wedding, and you may have attended a wedding where the MC seemed to get a bit annoying as the night progressed. It can be a frustrating feeling to watch an MC try their best to entertain a crowd, only to miss the mark.

A wedding DJ Gold Coast can be a great and more subtle way to MC a wedding reception, and they can still introduce people and guide the crowd without requiring as much attention.

The Right Personality

One of the most important things to do with a wedding DJ Gold Coast is to have a conversation with them as part of the interview process. Your friends or family might be able to recommend a wedding DJ they know who can also MC, but it should be clear that it is part of their professional skillset. Some DJs are more introverted than others, and you don’t want to pressure someone to be an MC when it isn’t really their forte.

Another benefit of dealing with a wedding DJ Gold Coast that is also your MC is that it requires fewer conversations. Since they are both your DJ and your professional MC, you can make it clear exactly what you are hoping for on your big day.