After the heartwarming ceremony and a well-planned reception program, it always nice to have some time to warm up, relax, and shake it off on the dance floor. This is a good way for the bride and groom to finally relax after months or even a year of wedding preparations (yes, the stressful planning is over and you’re excited for your new life together) and for guests to have fun and bond over drinks. However, not all guests are ready and game to go down on the dance floor. Some need a little convincing. 🙂

Here, we’ve listed some fun ways on how you can encourage guests to join the fun and keep them dancing. Read on!

Take the lead. Start by doing some easy and contagious moves  on the dance floor. Dance with your friends, call on your mum or  your grams (of course!) and let them do some crazy dancing to keep everyone’s spirit high. This will certainly encourage everyone to let loose.

Have song request cards ready. If you have planned a wedding program, ask your MC to announce to guests that they can suggest songs later during the party. You can place a song request cards on the tables or have this done through your musician. However, you have to make sure that your wedding musician is aware of the requests. You may also tell the guests upfront that not all requests can be played but encourage them to participate and dance anyway.

Have a mini dance contest. You can ask your group of friends days before the wedding to come up with a dance number as an “added gift” for your wedding and you can give a small token to those who really exert extra effort to perform. You and the rest of the guests can also contribute any amount of money to give to the best dancer just for fun. We’re pretty sure many will participate. You can surely think of  creative ways on how you can come up with a dance contest! And just when everyone’s drinking and socializing, make sure to ask your MC  to remind guests of such contest.

Have the kids prepare a dance presentation. Those cute little kids can definitely groove. Ask your family and friends to have their kids dance during the wedding and while they’re at it, you can join as well and ask everyone to just hit the dance floor. And make sure to capture cute photos.

Planning is the key. If you really want to make everyone grove on the dance floor, then you should consider hiring someone who knows how to work his way to the crowd. Browse your musician’s song list and ask how many requests can they entertain. Read reviews as well regarding music choices and how happy the crowd was on the musician’s services. Again, a good music can make or break the mood you want to set on your wedding. You have to plan this carefully.

Hire a DJ. A DJ who specialises in doing weddings can guarantee to keep your guests dancing all night. Look for DJ with flexible packages. You can book a DJ during the ceremony, reception, or just during the after party. DJs can also take over after a band or singer to shift the mood. Guests will surely be delighted to see a DJ since it gives them a “club-like” atmosphere where they can just let loose on the dance floor. Make sure that the DJ you are going to book knows how charm the crowd. 🙂

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