Many people aren’t very experienced in hiring a DJ for special events, especially those lifetime events like weddings. We’re here to help you through the process every step of the way to make sure you get not only the best wedding DJ but the best wedding DJ for your nuptials. The difference can be truly astonishing, some DJs in the industry will have your event sounding like an old worn-out cassette player. This is why you want to go with Explosive Entertainment instead of the riskier competition.

Our wedding DJs are truly the best throughout Brisbane & on the Gold Coast. We use only the finest in DJ equipment, never settling on poor-quality equipment. We are winners of The Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA) awards for good reason. We not only have the best equipment for the job but also the best techniques and styles in using that equipment, cross fading and beat matching with precision. Our wedding DJs know how to do more than push play. We set up and test our gear to know that once the event begins it will proceed without problem.

Best Wedding DJ - Explosive Entertainment

We can read the room and keep your party going the way it should, full of dancing and smiling friends and family. The best Wedding DJs Brisbane don’t miss a beat and keep an eye on their work, seamlessly executing the soundtrack of your most perfect day in high fidelity sound. When you need your wedding music to play as you walk down the aisle it will be there, without a problem. When your event needs to seamlessly fade from arms in the air dancing to romantic and slow dance ballads it will seem as natural as a film soundtrack scored by the best in the industry.

Beyond this, our music catalogues are extensive as well as exceptionally curated for quality and organization. If you have a particular era or genre of music you want to focus on, even if it’s more obscure, we can accommodate your tastes and the tastes of your guests, from traditional music to radio standards from throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. “I can’t wait until this song is over” will never be heard.

After hundreds of weddings, we remain at the top of the industry. Our DJ fingers dance nimbly around the equipment as though a musical instrument is all it’s own because it is. Good technique and good equipment can make all the difference between dull and ideal. If you’re looking for a DJ that does more than taking your money for pushing play and truly knows the ins and outs of music for special events then you want the best wedding DJ. You want an Explosive Entertainment DJ.