room uplighting gold coast

You might have enquired to some wedding entertainment suppliers and some of them offer room uplighting packages. The question is, do you really need a room uplighting? Is it worth it to leave the lights so that you can cut cost? Think again. Lights might be not of a big deal to others but it actually does make a difference for your reception. Here are some reasons why your reception venue needs uplighting

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Pink and purple uplighting for a romantic bridal waltz.

Sets the Mood

In this last part of your wedding day, reception is the most exciting part since guests are looking forward to the party. You don’t want to make your guests leave the reception right after they eat and believe it or not, lights actually do help to set the mood of your guests. It makes the reception alive and not boring. The right color and amount of lights in your reception venue will help you achieve your dream romantic bridal waltz (which is also perfect for taking romantic pictures).

Uplighting around the bridal cake.

Creative Decoration

Lights are effective decoration. It helps you emphasize the part of your reception that needs focus if wedding DJs in Brisbane and some parts of your venue are not well decorated. You can draw the attention of your guests towards the cake, or put some table uplighting to match the elegance of your reception.

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Helps you Produce Good Quality Photos

It is a fact that to produce a good photograph, light is the most important factor. Room uplighting gives the reception an elegant glow reflected on walls, curtains and cloths that illuminate the area. It works well with white curtains, drapes and table cloths as it makes the color vivid and pleasant to our eyes, helping us to achieve a photograph in its best quality.