Some folks dream of their wedding for years before the big day arrives — often long before they even meet their partner. There’s a lot of anticipation hanging on the day and everyone wants it to go perfectly.

The ceremony often receives a lot of the planning energy, but keep in mind it is usually the shortest part of the wedding.

The reception — and the party— is where it’s at.

With options such as playlists and online streaming services, it can be tempting to wonder if wedding DJs are really necessary. It’s easy enough to put together a playlist or choose a style of music on your smartphone and call it good.

But will there be something missing? Let’s find out what wedding DJs do to see if you’ll regret not hiring their services.

Get Everybody Moving

The hardest part of the evening is often getting the guests up and moving. Nobody wants to be the first couple out on the floor (even if you and your new spouse are already out there). It feels intimidating and it can be hard to get people over the first hump.

A good DJ has the charisma to inspire people to get up and move. They know what to say to prompt people onto the floor or they might even go down and start pulling “dance leaders” out of the crowd.

They also understand the style of music that will work best for different crowds. For example, crowds with primarily older people will appreciate a different playlist than younger crowds.

To get everyone on the dance floor, the DJ will read your guests’ energy to pick the right songs that will get their toes tapping. They’ll also keep an eye on the overall mood of the crowd and change the vibe of the music accordingly.

Can a music streaming service or playlist do all this?

Keep Things Going

There are a lot of little mini-events that happen during the reception. You and your new spouse will cut the cake, toss the bouquet and garter, and perhaps play the shoe game or enjoy other traditions of your choosing. The best man and the maid of honour often make some speeches along with a parent or two who will enjoy embarrassing you.
How do you let everybody know it’s time for these little events?
You can ask a friend, but it takes a certain skill to truly handle a crowd. Hiring a professional ensures that you have someone with that important finesse.

A Customized, Yet Evolving, Playlist

A good DJ will sit down with you and your betrothed before the big day to get to know you a bit and learn about your taste in music. While some songs are always crowdpleasers, there are certain songs you will want and a certain vibe for your reception that you want to create. The music is the single most important factor in creating the right atmosphere.

The DJ will get a feel for all this and put together a playlist that will reflect you as a couple. As the party wears on, they may modify the list slightly to match the party’s mood or inspire a different one.

This is a huge benefit to hiring a professional wedding DJ who understands how to effectively plan the music beforehand but leave room for spontaneity during the party.

Take Requests…or Not

Sometimes near the end of the night, your guests might start making song requests. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the crowd and the inebriation level of the requesters.

A DJ can field their requests without letting things get out of hand. It’s also helpful if you let them know ahead of time who might get a little crazy with requests and that they can safely be ignored (or should be ignored).

Have the Right Equipment

Last, but most certainly not least, a DJ will come with a killer sound system. The venue may already have a decent system that you can plug into with your smartphone. However, it won’t hold a candle to the DJ’s equipment. We promise.

So, Are Wedding DJs Necessary?

Yes! Wedding DJs are the life of the party at a wedding and the party is where it’s at. If you want to throw a reception that you will love and that your guests will be talking about for years, hire a DJ.

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